Vendor Opportunities

All active Your Health Idaho requests for proposals (RFPs) will be posted on this page when they are available. Past procurements can also be found below. Any inquiries regarding RFPs should be emailed to RFP.

For a copy of Your Health Idaho’s Procurement Policy approved by the Board on October 30, 2013, please click here.

Active RFPs

There are currently no active RFPs. Please check back soon.

Active RFAs

There are currently no active RFAs. Please check back soon.

Closed RFP and RFAs

FY19 Enrollment Services RFA

MARS-E v2.0 Security Assessment Report (SAR) RFP

Outreach Services RFP

Enrollment Services RFA

Public Affairs Support Services RFP

Certified Application Counselor Services RFA

Agent Training and Support Services RFP

Print Notice Vendor RFP

Creative Services RFP

Security Assessment Report Services

Audit Services

Enrollment Entity Services

Case Management System

Investment Advisory Services

Privacy Assessment Services

Enrollment Entity Services for Your Health Idaho

Short Term Data Entry Passive Renewal Project

IT Support Services

MARS-E NIST 800-53

Response to Questions:YHI MARS-E Assessment RFP Questions Answers


Program Management Office (PMO) Services

Phase 2 Technology Solution

Outreach & Education

Contact Center/Consumer Assisters

Negotiation Support Services

Insurance Plan and Rate Browsing Tool

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