Idahoans on the Exchange

Why Idahoans Are Choosing Insurance on Your Health Idaho


David Peterman MD Your Health Idaho

“I believe it’s critical for patients to be seen by primary care physicians before they’re ill, so I can identify potential health problems and teach preventive medicine. Your Health Idaho helps our patients enjoy a benefit that makes it possible for them to get the care they need, leading to better care and better outcomes over the long term.”


David Peterman, M.D.
Pediatrician and President of Primary Health Medical Group
– Boise

Kelli and Sam Your Health Idaho testimonial

“My husband and I each own a business but we struggled to find health insurance we could afford. Your Health Idaho helped us get tax credits that finally made having health insurance affordable. Not only was the cost low, but we found a plan that allowed us to have excellent benefits – which are so important now that we have two little boys. Now, raising our children and growing our businesses is what we focus on, and we don’t have to worry about health insurance.”


Kelli and Sam
– Homedale

Susie and John Your Health Idaho testimonial

“We knew right away that we needed help finding insurance. Figuring out which plan would work best for our family wasn’t something we wanted to try to do on our own. That’s why we met with a local health insurance agent. Our agent was so helpful walking us through our options and the process for getting a tax credit – all at no cost to us. Now, our family still gets to see our regular doctors and use the same hospitals as before, and it’s affordable. We couldn’t be any happier.”


Susie and John
– Twin Falls

Fit your needs and your budget.

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“Shopping on the exchange helped me compare plans and look at them side-by-side to find the one that worked best for me. I used an agent and he showed me how to look at the plans to not only make sure it covered my doctors, but he helped me figure out the right balance of cost. He helped me see that if I just paid a few dollars more each month, I would have a smaller deductible and co-pay.”


– Post Falls
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