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Tribal FAQ

What special benefits are available for federally recognized Tribes through Your Health Idaho?

  • No Healthcare Expenses, Depending on Income: American Indians and Alaska Natives whose income is between 100% and 300% of the Federal poverty level do not have to pay certain out-of-pocket costs, such as copays, if they purchase an insurance plan through Your Health Idaho. Those below 100% and above 300% have limited cost sharing.
  • Enroll any month of the year: Members of federally recognized Tribes in Idaho can buy or change their health insurance plans at any time during the year.
  • No Individual Mandate for American Indians and Alaska Natives: If Tribal members don’t have health insurance, they won’t have to pay the fee that non-tribal members without health insurance must pay, if they file an exemption.
  • Continued Services:If Tribal members enroll in a health insurance plan through Your Health Idaho, they may receive or continue receiving services through Indian Health Services, tribal health programs or urban Indian health programs.

Are there special benefits for descendants of American Indians or Alaska Natives or those otherwise eligible for services from the Indian Health Service (IHS), tribal program, or urban Indian health program?

Yes, these individuals receive all the same benefits as enrolled Tribal members. However, these individuals will only be able to sign up for health coverage through Your Health Idaho during open enrollment periods.

When applying for coverage, do Tribal members have to report income from Indian trust land, natural resources and items of cultural significance?

Yes. It is required to include income from Indian trust land, natural resources and items of cultural significance in the application.

If Tribal members enroll in a health plan through Your Health Idaho, can they continue to use Indian Health Service/Tribal/Urban Indian Health Clinic?

Yes. Tribal members must let IHS know that they have purchased a health insurance plan through Your Health Idaho so IHS can bill the insurance company for the services they provide.

Why do Tribal members need health insurance if they are eligible for Indian Health Services?

With a plan from Your Health Idaho, Tribal members may get more coverage for more health services from a wider range of providers, giving them more health care options.

Is there a Tribal source for assistance in enrolling through Your Health Idaho?

Yes. Some of Tribes in Idaho have trained enrollment counselors who are available to help on the reservation, for more information and to see which Tribes participate; Tribal members can contact the local Tribal health clinic.

Does Your Health Idaho consult with the Tribes in Idaho?

Yes. Your Health Idaho meets quarterly with representatives from each of the five federally recognized Tribes in Idaho under the collaborative structure of the Tribal Technical Work Group.
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