Referred to Your Health Idaho

If you previously had coverage through YHI:
To sign into your account, click Login from the top menu > Login

  • If you forgot your password, click Forgot Password?
  • If you need help resetting your password, please contact Customer Support at 855-944-3246

Log in to your account
Click the Resume Application button, to review and update your information

If you do not have an account with YHI:
To set up your account, click Access Code from the top menu
Enter your Access Code. You will find this code in the first notice you received from Your Health Idaho
Follow the prompts to complete the account set up
Click the Resume Application button, to review and update your information


In the application you will be asked two questions pertaining to your Medicaid coverage.

  1. Were any of these (household members) found not eligible for Medicaid or Your Health Idaho in the past 90 days?
  • If you are applying before your Medicaid ends, answer None of the Above.
  • If you are applying after you have received notice from DHW that you are losing Medicaid because of no longer being eligible, answer with the name of the Household Member.

  1. Is (household member) currently enrolled in health coverage that will extend beyond 60 days from today?
  • If you have received a notice from DHW that your Medicaid will close in the next 60 days, answer No
  • If you have children who are applying with you, and whom you will be removing from CHIP if they are given a tax credit, answer No
  • If (household member) is enrolled in Medicaid or CHIP and does not know if or when coverage would end, answer Yes. (This household member will not be evaluated for cost-savings at this time. They can come back and re-apply if they learn that their Medicaid is going to end)

Make sure to click the blue Save & Continue on each page to ensure your information is saved as you complete the application.

Sign and Submit your application
You will know if you qualify for a tax credit and the amount within minutes of submitting your application.
After completing your application, you may be asked to confirm your life event.

  • If you are, click Confirm Event and Shop.
  • If you are not, click Shop for Plans