Tribal Technical Work Group

Your Health Idaho is committed to collaboration and engagement with tribal leadership and members in Idaho.

In partnership with the five federally recognized tribes in Idaho, Your Health Idaho has developed a framework for interaction and communication known as the Tribal Technical Work Group (TTWG). The TTWG is comprised of one designated official from each of the five federally recognized tribes as well as a Your Health Idaho designated staff member. The group meets on a quarterly basis to address any design, implementation, outreach and education, evaluation and quality improvement issues that pertain to and affect tribal members in Idaho.

Your Health Idaho’s goals for tribal engagement are to:

  • Maximize participation by eligible tribal members in Your Health Idaho health insurance plans, Medicaid and Child Health Insurance Programs (CHIP).
  • Assure receipt of benefits and protections provided under federal law.
  • Assure that tribal members in Idaho can choose to receive their health care from the Indian Health Service, tribal programs or urban Indian programs (known as I/T/Us) and the services provided will be reimbursed using existing protocols.

For more information about special benefits for federally recognized tribes, American Indians, and Alaska Natives visit the Tribal Members page.