Insurance can be confusing. We’re here to help.

Your Health Idaho is Idaho’s online marketplace that allows Idaho individuals, families, and small businesses to shop, compare, and enroll in the health insurance coverage that’s right for them.

Choosing a health plan can be complicated, but at Your Health Idaho, we have the tools and resources you need to find a plan that fits your needs. Your Health Idaho is the only place where Idahoans can receive a tax credit that can pay for some or all of their monthly health insurance premiums, making coverage even more affordable.

Why Enroll Through Your Health Idaho?

  • Your Health Idaho is the only place you can apply for and receive a tax credit
  • 89% of current enrollees receive a tax credit
  • Your Health Idaho is also the only place Idahoans can qualify for Cost- Sharing Reductions that reduce out-of-pocket costs for things like co-pays and prescriptions
  • Choose from more than 100 plans offered by 12 well-known medical and dental carriers that meet the high standards of state and federal requirements
  • Every plan is required to cover ten essential health benefits, such as doctor visits, prescription medicine, and preventive wellness and screenings

Our Mission

The mission of Your Health Idaho is to maintain maximum control of Idaho’s health insurance marketplace at minimal cost to its citizens.

Our History

In 2010, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) was passed, establishing a health insurance marketplace that lets people compare and shop for private health insurance. Under the ACA, states were given the option to use the federally facilitated marketplace or establish a state-based marketplace. In March 2013, the Idaho Legislature voted to create our own health insurance marketplace, creating Your Health Idaho.

Your Health Idaho is an independent entity governed by a 19-member board of Idahoans, including insurance agents, legislators, business leaders, healthcare professionals, insurance carriers, and those representing consumer interests. The directors of the Idaho Department of Insurance and the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare also serve on the board as non-voting members.

The Your Health Idaho team manages day-to-day activities and works to ensure long-term success for Idaho and Idahoans.

  • Idaho House Bill 248 is signed into law, forming the state-based health insurance marketplace, Your Heath Idaho, with a 19-member Board of Directors and four employees
  • $68.4M in establishment grants awarded
  • The assessment fee is set at 1.5%, 2% lower than the federal fee
  • Four medical carriers and two stand-alone dental carriers offer 146 plans
  • gov becomes overloaded at the start of Open Enrollment (OE) 2014 and paper applications are used for the 177 enrollments processed during the first month
  • A Health Insurance Exchange (HIX) RFP is published, to be awarded in 2014
  • YHI commits to self-sustaining operations by January 2016
  • Nearly 76,000 Idahoans enroll during OE 2014, despite challenges with Healthcare.gov in the first month
  • YHI moves to 1010 Jefferson as the number of team members doubles
  • YHI is the first state to migrate from healthcare.gov to our own technology
  • The Department of Health and Welfare is the support center for eligibility, YHI handles any escalations
  • HIX RFP is awarded to GetInsured with a go-live date of November 15
  • 85,000 Idahoans enroll during OE 2015
  • YHI is awarded a final establishment grant of $33.8M
  • The assessment fee is 1.99% for Plan Year 2016
  • First year of auto renewals. More than 95% of current customers auto renew for OE 2016
  • 102,000 Idahoans enroll during OE 2016
  • On September 1, the YHI Customer Support Center officially opens with its first call, just 60 days after Board approval and the basement remodel at 1010 Jefferson
  • The YHI team grows from 18 to 55
  • OE begins on November 1
  • 106,000 Idahoans enroll during OE 2017
  • The assessment fee is 2.29% for Plan Year 2018
  • Eight medical and dental carriers offer 225 plans
  • Continuous improvements are made to the customer experience
  • 102,000 Idahoans enroll during OE 2018
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) is implemented to gather customer feedback
  • The YHI team achieves an above industry average performance score of 31
  • 103,000 Idahoans enroll during OE 2019
  • A 90% satisfaction rate among enrollees is achieved
  • 89,000 Idahoans enroll during OE 2020, despite Medicaid expansion taking effect on January 1, 2020
  • Medicaid expansion effective January 1
  • YHI purchases the View Pointe Building in February
  • Team members move to remote work due to COVID-19
  • YHI moves into View Pointe on June 15
  • Team members return to remote work in July
  • OE is extended by two weeks, closing on December 31
  • 79,000 Idahoans enroll during OE 2021
  • American Rescue Plan Act provides enhanced tax credits
  • The YHI team returns to in-person work on April 5
  • Uninsured and American Rescue Plan Act enrollment periods add an additional 8,500 enrollments
  • YHI takes over Advance Premium Tax Credit eligibility work from the Department of Health and Welfare using IBES
  • The YHI Board approves the move to real-time eligibility for OE2023
  • The increased demand for health insurance, staffing challenges, and inefficient technology create the perfect storm and YHI struggles through OE 2022
  • 85,000 Idahoans enroll during OE 2022
  • The enrollment backlog from OE 2022 clears by mid-March
  • Inflation Reduction Act extends enhanced tax credits through the end of 2025
  • Real-time eligibility goes live on June 30
  • SharpenCX modernizes the telephony platform and goes live on August 15
  • Net Promoter Score reaches record levels and averages 69 during OE 2023
  • YHI is one of only four state-based exchanges to grow during the year
  • 94,000 Idahoans enroll during OE 2023
  • A 92% satisfaction rate among enrollees is achieved
  • Medicaid Continuous Coverage requirements end April 1