Apply and Enroll

What You Need to Apply

To apply for coverage through Your Health Idaho, you will need to provide certain information about yourself and your household. To make the process easier, have the following information on hand for all household members when applying for coverage:

  • Legal names
  • Birthdates
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Proof of citizenship or immigration status
  • Proof of tribal status
  • IRS tax returns for previous years
  • Employer and income information (i.e. W-2s, pay stubs)
  • Current insurance policy information (include any health insurance or employer sponsored health coverage you or any other household members are eligible for)

Estimate Your Savings

Your Health Idaho is the only place where Idahoans can receive a tax credit to help offset the monthly cost of coverage. Some Idahoans may also qualify for cost-sharing reductions, which lower out-of-pocket costs for things like co-pays and prescriptions.

In March 2021, The American Rescue Plan Act was passed making health insurance more affordable than ever. Now, more than 85% of Idahoans enrolled with Your Health Idaho qualify for financial assistance and lower-cost coverage.

If you didn’t qualify before, it’s time to check again. Before you start your application, visit the tax credit estimator to see how much you could save on health insurance coverage.

How to Apply Step-by-Step

Follow the steps below to complete the application process:

  1. Create an account with Your Health Idaho. If you do not want to apply for financial assistance, continue to step 4.
  2. Apply for financial assistance by completing an application for Health Coverage Assistance online at You will receive notification within 10 business days that your financial eligibility has been processed.
    • For those with limited computer access, download the Paper Application (en español) Completed applications can be submitted via Fax to 855-944-3351 or via U.S. mail to PO Box 50143 Boise, Idaho 83705
  3. Sign in to your account at to view your tax credit and any additional cost-savings.
  4. Shop and compare plans to find the right option for your needs.
  5. Enroll and make your first payment.

Need a visual explanation? View the application flow 

If you are visiting this page outside of Open Enrollment, please visit the Special Enrollment page to see if you may be eligible for coverage.

If you are interested in health insurance coverage for your small business, visit the Small Business Insurance page for more information.

If you need help along the way, certified agents, brokers, and enrollment counselors are available to help you free of charge. Find free help in your area.