Important Tax Information

Your 1095-A Tax Statement

If you or your household enrolled in a Qualified Health Plan through Your Health Idaho at anytime during the year, you’ll receive Form 1095-A: Health Insurance Marketplace Statement. YHI sends this form to you and the IRS by January 31 via U.S. mail.

The 1095-A tax statement verifies your health insurance:

  • Household members enrolled in your health plan
  • How many months you had health insurance during the year
  • The cost of your monthly premiums
  • Amount of the Advance Premium Tax Credit (APTC) that you received

Use the information from your 1095-A tax statement to reconcile APTC on your tax return.

NOTE: Form 1095-A is not required for catastrophic or stand-alone dental plans.

The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA)  suspends the requirement that taxpayers are liable for repayment  by all or a portion of their excess advance payments of APTC for tax year 2020 (only). On April 9, 2021 the IRS released additional information including an FAQ page explaining how consumers can receive this tax relief benefit.  The FAQ covers next steps for individuals who have and have not filed their 2020 taxes.  This includes information for those who have already made a payment to the IRS.

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1095-A tax statements are mailed via the U.S. Postal Service to the latest mailing address we have on file, postmarked no later than January 31. You’ll also receive a copy in your YHI secure inbox.

  1. Log in to your account on
  2. Click My Inbox in the My Stuff
  3. Click the From or Subject link to view a notice. The 1095-A notice is named Form 1095A for [your insurance carrier].
  4. In Attachments, select the file name to download the form.
  5. Download all 1095-A tax statements for the year in your inbox.

Use the 1095-A tax statement to reconcile the amount of APTC you applied to your monthly premium and your final, eligible Premium Tax Credit (PTC) on the IRS Form 8962: Premium Tax Credit.

Here is what to do when you get the 1095-A tax statement:

  1. Carefully read the instructions on the back.
  2. Make sure the reported information on the form is accurate.
  3. Fill out Form 8962 with the 1095-A information according to the instructions on the back of Form 8962.

The IRS website has several available resources to help you file your taxes. Learn more HERE.

IMPORTANT: Don’t file your taxes until you have an accurate 1095-A tax statement.

You receive a unique 1095-A tax statement for each policy you had. You might receive multiple 1095-A tax statements for these reasons:

  • You or your household were enrolled in one health plan and then switched to another plan.
  • Members in your household were not enrolled in the same plan.

Use the information from each form to fill out Form 8962: Premium Tax Credit.

Read the instructions on the back of Form 1095-A carefully and review your plan.

If you check your 1095-A tax statement and find an error, you can contact Your Health Idaho for help at 1-855-944-3246 or submit a support request online. If there is an error, you’ll receive a corrected 1095-A tax statement.

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