Health Coverage Tax Tool

When filing taxes or claiming an exemption, you may be required to provide monthly premium amounts for the Lowest Cost Bronze and Second Lowest Cost Silver plans available in your area.

Second Lowest Cost Silver Plan (SLCSP): The second-lowest priced health insurance plan in the Silver category that applies to the consumer. Consumers need to know the Second Lowest Cost Silver Plan (SLCSP) premium to figure out their final premium tax credit. The SLCSP premium is listed on the 1095-A form (in the consumer’s secure inbox).

Lowest Cost Bronze Plan (LCBP): To claim an exemption based on coverage being unaffordable, consumers need to know the premiums of two health plans available to their family for the year: the Lowest Cost Bronze Plan and the second Lowest Cost Silver Plan. This information is required to fill out IRS Form 8965.

To determine the Lowest Cost Bronze and Second Lowest Cost Silver Plans, please use the calculators below.

Note: the tax calculator tool should not be used to reconcile 1095-A tax statements. Visit the Important Tax Information page to learn more about how to use Form 1095-A.

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