Why it’s important to Report changes

When changes in your household or financial situation happen, it is important to report those changes to Your Health Idaho as soon as possible. Reporting changes as they occur ensures you receive the correct amount of tax credit.

  • Your changes may qualify you for a different tax credit than you currently have. If these changes go unreported, you may have to pay back money when you reconcile your tax credit and file your federal tax return.
  • Your changes may qualify you for more savings, meaning you could lower your monthly health insurance payments or could become eligible for Medicaid.

What type of changes should I report?

Report a change if you experience:

  • Change of household size
  • Change in income
  • Change of Marketplace Eligibility (eligible for coverage elsewhere)
  • Change of address
  • Other special circumstances

How to Report a Change
To report a change log in to your household’s Your Health Idaho account and follow the steps on the dashboard to edit your application. If you need help, contact the Your Health Idaho customer support team at 855-944-3246 or your Your Health Idaho-certified agent.

Qualifying Life Events

If someone you know misses the Open Enrollment window, they’re not out of options. Idahoans who experience a Qualifying Life Event, such as marriage, the birth of a child, or the loss of employer coverage, may qualify for a Special Enrollment Period. The Special Enrollment Period allows individuals and families to enroll in health insurance coverage outside of Open Enrollment.

After experiencing a Qualifying Life Event, you have 60 days from the date of your event to enroll in a plan with Your Health Idaho.

Contact Your Health Idaho at 855-944-3246 with questions or assistance.

Special Enrollment Periods

To enroll in health coverage through Your Health Idaho during a Special Enrollment Period (SEP) an application will need to be filled out and submitted at yourhealthidaho.org. If you need assistance with your application, contact our Customer Support Center at 855-944-3246. A Your Health Idaho-certified agent is also available to help you through the process.

If you are a member of a federally recognized tribe, you can enroll or change plans once a month through Your Health Idaho.

Renewals or Redeterminations

When you purchase health coverage through Your Health Idaho, you will automatically be reenrolled into the same or comparable health insurance plan, the following year. If you have any questions about renewals, please contact our Customer Support Center at 855-944-3246, or your Your Health Idaho-certified agent.

Why and How to Disenroll from Your Plan

There are instances where you may need to disenroll from a health insurance plan purchased through Your Health Idaho. These instances include:

  • Divorce
  • Death of enrollee
  • Out of state move
  • Gaining Medicaid or Medicare
  • Gaining employer-sponsored affordable coverage

To disenroll from health coverage please contact Your Health Idaho’s Customer Support Center at 855-944-3246, or your Your Health Idaho-certified Agent.

Cancel Your Plan

To terminate your health insurance plan, you must cancel your enrollment within 10 days of the coverage effective date. This window is called the 10-day Lookback.

Reasons to cancel your policy include:

  • Gaining employer-sponsored coverage or other affordable coverage
  • Becoming eligible for Medicaid or Medicare
  • Reassessing coverage and deciding not to continue with the policy

If you fall within the 10-day Lookback you can cancel your policy by calling Your Health Idaho’s Customer Support Center at 855-944-3246.

Plan Benefits

If you have any questions about your health plan benefits, contact your health insurance carrier.

Medicaid or CHIP

For any questions regarding Medicaid or CHIP eligibility please contact the Department of Health and Welfare at 877-456-1233 or visit healthandwelfare.idaho.gov.

General Questions

If you have any general questions about your health insurance enrollment through Your Health Idaho, please contact our Customer Support Center at 855-944-3246 or visit Yourhealthidaho.org to chat with a Consumer Advocate. If you need additional assistance understanding a health insurance plan, a Your Health Idaho-certified Consumer Connector can guide you through a policy, at no cost.